KiSS Technique

Clinical case of Dr. Michele Boglioni | Odontics Laboratory

Central incisor fractured with vestibular fistula. Extraction is programmed with contextual immediate loading. After atraumatic extraction, the REVCON Is-Four® implant is positioned by means of guided surgery.

Vestibular regeneration is performed with heterologous bone mixed with autologous obtained from the site preparation process. A connective tissue graft is applied to maintain the trophism of the vestibular tissues and a natural root profile. The implant is loaded for 60 days with the KiSS technique with prosthetic conometry using a temporary peek cap and the temporary prosthesis in pmma. It is reviewed at 2 months to assess tissue healing. The temporary prosthesis is removed to modify transmucosal path at will without traumatizing the epithelial-connective path, managing compressions in a practical and immediate way, all without touching the implant-prosthetic interface. Note the typical aspect of the conometric prosthesis that does not show cement irritation, micro-movements at the implant interface level and tissue stability.

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