Cemented prosthesis on RevCon Cyroth® Morse Cone implants

Clinical case of Dr. Ismael Khouly DDS, MS, PhD

Patient #TWO

Age: 44

Gender: Female

Periodontal status: healthy periodontial (history of gingivitis)

Smoking status: non-smoker

Past medical health: no significant findings

Medications: none


Clinical Description:

Patient presents at office with missing #14. Patient seeks for single tooth replacement with a single implant placement and single fixed implant supported crown.

Implant, REVCON Cyroth® D4 – L8 mm OsTiOx (Ref ACY4008N200C, Lot: 11-20-F65) was placed 1.5-2 mm subcrestally in a proper 3D position. Graftless sinus lift in site #14 was performed using drill stoppers. Implant stability was approximately 50Ncm, and a healing abutment of D 5mm and H 3 mm was placed and hand tied. Six months and a half later, implant level impression, open tray technique, was performed. Two weeks later (7 months after implant placement), single implant crown, screw retained, using a prefabricated abutment and zirconia crown, was delivered.

No biological neither biomechanical complications were reported.

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