Guided Surgery
Nowadays, computer-guided Guided surgery is an implant treatment technique that includes the following steps: diagnosis, planning, and positioning. The surgery for implant placement using stereolithographic templates is keeping popularity among clinicians and patients. The benefits of this surgical protocol are its minimally invasive nature, the accuracy of implant placement, predictability, less post-surgical discomfort, and reduced time required for definitive rehabilitation.

AoN Implants aim to provide the benefit for the Professional, for the Practice and the Patient, this benefit originates from the opportunity to plan the surgery working with complete 3D views of patients’ radiographic images and prosthetic anatomy and by this means to make a precise assessment of the size and the final seating of the dental implant also depending on the prosthetic study outcome using surgical guides that are able of guiding implant sitting based on such planning.

AoN Implants Software-based planning and fabrication of the surgical template (open system approach). Software-based planning permits for dental implants to be planned virtually within the planning software. When completed successfully, the case plan is sent to the surgical guide maker. The software company may proceed as the surgical guide maker, or the dental laboratory may fabricate the surgical guide depending on the software concept used. In this step, the surgical guide maker ensures the compatibility with the AoN Implants guided instruments by utilizing AoN Implants sleeves for guided surgery positioned according to AoN Implants parameters.

For correct planning, AoN Implants suggests the following indication.
The total height between the implants’ connection and the sleeves’ plane must be 10 mm.
The supplied sleeve height is 5 mm.

All the AoN Implants rotating instruments are guided inside the surgical template thanks to the presence of the AoN Implants guide sleeves, available in multiple sizes, and to be incorporated within the surgical guide itself. The sleeves guarantee the preservation of the work axis programmed and developed with the planning software.

After fixing the surgical template in the patient’s mouth, the implant bed for Standard, Tapered Effect, and Bone Level implant lines can be prepared with the guided instruments included in the catalog of AoN Implants Guided Surgery Instruments. The surgical protocol, provided together with the surgical template, recommends which instruments are required to prepare each implant site. The AoN Implants guided implants to allow for insertion through the surgical template, including a physical depth control.
AoN Implants Kit includes all the instruments required to carry out guided surgery and has been designed to offer user-friendliness and immediacy as regards the sequence in which the series of instruments are used. The Kit contains all the drills in different lengths and diameters. They comprise a vertical stop plane that is already integrated into the drill’s design: the outcome is an enhance of surgical times, as well as a safe preparation of the healthy bone.

Surgery is simplified even more during milling sequences; we have created removable stops. The surgical procedure is intuitive and straightforward and can be performed even if the drill is inserted into the handpiece. It is enough to remove the stop towards the tip of the drill with a little pressure to separate it, and it is possible to replace it with one of a different size. This system allows the surgeon to vary the drilling depth extremely quickly, keeping the drill guided by the template, a procedure that is not always possible with other guided surgery kits. The millimeter marks in the stop allow the operator to modulate implant site preparation during the surgical procedure, always maintaining maximum control.

Different types of patients are candidates for the surgery guided approach, including elderly or medically compromised patients, and people suffering from fear or anxiety of surgical procedure may benefit significantly from the use of these surgery guided approach. Finally, future improvements of the workflow from initial data capture until the final implant positioning will enhance the level of productivity at the clinical practice.
Kit components

B5 - Ø 5mm - White

B4 - Ø 4mm - Black



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