Immediate Flapless Insertion

Clinical case of Dr. Alessandro Perini

Immediate implant placement after teeth extraction is considered an option in the treatment of edentulism. One of the problems of immediate implants is the achievement of a good primary stability. This can be difficult in patients having teeth with long roots (leaving a big void in the bone when extracted) and in patients with low bone density (D3-D4) or osteopenia. In this case an implant designed to have a good primary stability can be really helpful, together with long implants, under preparation of osteotomic site and correct surgical technique. A moderate (1-2 mm) subcrestal position can compensate bone remodeling and resorption. The use of angulated abutment is useful to correct the prosthetic axial insertion (especially in difficult cases with a very deep bite) and to position the prosthetic margin away from the bone.

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