Universal Expanders Kit

The AoN Bone Expansion Kit is the most complete on the market, with 15 thickness variants and anatomical tips.

It is ideal for performing mini sinus lifts, Split Ridge and techniques to increase the primary stability of the implant, thanks to the natural bone compaction.

In addition, it is possible to place the implants with or without flap openings. The same technique can be used for post-extraction and wherever an atraumatic ridge widening is required.


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Outstanding results
and ease of use.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Fabio Manuel Filannino

Measure implant depth, with indicators from 4 to 15 mm
A complete Kit
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All expanders are equipped with millimeter depth notches, have 2-variant tips, concave and convex, functional to the type of use, and can be used with a manual screwdriver or fixed ratchet included in the kit.

In addition, it includes operational protocols to best perform all techniques.

A must-have tool in your studio!

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